Photographer Brisbane

Your friends and family are the most important people in your lives and the moments that you spend with them are those that you will look back on in later life with the fondest of memories. Honey Bee Photography can help you to capture these special moments with beautiful pictures.

A consummate professional

Melissa is an experienced Brisbane wedding photographer who understands just how important friends and relatives are to her clients, which makes her the ideal choice if you are looking for somebody who can capture the essence of your feelings in relaxed, informal settings. She is equally skilled at taking formal portraits if required.

Young and old

If you have tried to make a photographic record of cherished moments before but found it impossible due to impatient children and older relatives who quickly grow tired of sitting around, Honey Bee Photography is the answer to all your problems. Melissa has unlimited patience and knows how to make her subjects feel at ease.

Relaxing at home

If you would like to arrange a session at your home, where you feel most relaxed, Melissa will be more than happy to visit beforehand to find out exactly what you want and to establish a rapport that will make the day of the shoot far more enjoyable.

Memorable settings

Alternatively, if you have a particular location in mind – perhaps a favourite picnic spot or a place of natural beauty, there is no better wedding photographer in Brisbane than Melissa, who is adept at manoeuvring everybody into the best positions for outdoor shoots.


If you are looking for a professional who is committed to taking the very best shots no matter what the location or prevailing weather conditions, you will not find a more dedicated artist with a camera than Melissa at Honey Bee Photography.


Whilst it is advisable to book as early as possible in order to avoid disappointment, especially during the holiday season, Melissa will always do her utmost to accommodate your requests and will try to make time for a photo shoot at short notice if at all possible.

Easy payment terms

If you would like to spread the cost of a professional photo shoot over a period of time to make it easier to afford, you can take advantage of Honey Bee’s payment plans. This facility is particularly suitable for customers who would like to make advance bookings.

The finishing touches

Honey Bee Photography is proud to be associated with one of the area’s best framing companies and can help you to choose the best frames and picture sizes for the shots that you would like to hang on your wall or present to special friends as gifts.

Getting in touch

If you would like to make a booking or talk to Melissa about any of the services that she offers, please feel free to call 07 3803 3560 or 0411 632 803 during business hours. Alternatively, you can send your questions in an email to

call: 07 3803 3560 or 0411 632 803